EXTRACT [/Y] [/A] [/D | /E] [/L dir] cabinet [filename ...]
EXTRACT [/Y] source [newname]
EXTRACT [/Y] /C source destination


Parameter Description


File contains two or more files.


Name of the file to extract from the cabinet. Wild cards and multiple filenames (separated by blanks) may be used.


Compressed file (a cabinet with only one file).


New filename to give the extracted file. If not supplied, the original name is used.


Process ALL cabinets. Follows cabinet chain starting in first cabinet mentioned.


Copy source file to destination (to copy from DMF disks).


Display cabinet directory (use with filename to avoid extract).


Extract (use instead of *.* to extract all files).

/L dir

Location to place extracted files (default is current directory).


Do not prompt before overwriting an existing file.

Additional references

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