x25 ops




x25 ops bytes

Syntax Description:

Byte count that is one of the following: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, or 4096.

Command Description:

To set the interface default maximum output packet size to match that of the network, use the x25 ops interface configuration command.

X.25 networks use maximum output packet sizes set by the network administrator. Larger packet sizes are better because smaller packets require more overhead processing. To send a packet larger than the X.25 packet size over an X.25 virtual circuit, the Cisco IOS software must break the packet into two or more X.25 packets with the more data bit (M-bit) set. The receiving device collects all packets with the M-bit set and reassembles the original packet.

Set the x25 ips and x25 ops commands to the same value unless your network supports asymmetry between input and output packets.


The following example sets the default maximum packet sizes to 512:

Router(config)#interface serial 1
 Router(config-if)#x25 ips 512
 Router(config-if)#x25 ops 512



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