x25 hic




x25 hic circuit-number

Syntax Description:

VC number from 1 to 4095, or 0 if there is no incoming-only VC range.

Command Description:

To set the highest incoming-only virtual circuit (VC) number, use the x25 hic interface configuration command.

Usage Guidelines

When X.25 calls are placed across the interface between an X.25 DTE and the X.25 network, virtual circuits (VC) are established to carry the data associated with the calls. These VCs fall into the following categories: Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs), incoming-only, both-way, and outgoing-only. All VCs are numbered, and each of these categories occupies a consecutive range. All PVCs must be numerically lower than all incoming-only VCs, which in turn must be lower than all both-way VCs, which in turn must be lower than all outgoing-only VCs.


The following example sets a valid incoming-only VC range of 1 to 5:

Router(config)#interface serial 0/0
 Router(config-if)#x25 lic 1
 Router(config-if)#x25 hic 5


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