vtp {server | client | transparent}

no vtp {server | client | transparent}

Syntax Description:


Place the switch in VTP server mode. A switch in VTP server mode is enabled for VTP and sends advertisements. You can configure VLANs on it. The switch can recover all the VLAN information in the current VTP database from nonvolatile storage after reboot.


Place the switch in VTP client mode. A switch in VTP client mode is enabled for VTP, can send advertisements, but does not have enough nonvolatile storage to store VLAN configurations. You cannot configure VLANs on it. When a VTP client starts up, it does not transmit VTP advertisements until it receives advertisements to initialize its VLAN database.


Place the switch in VTP transparent mode. A switch in VTP transparent mode is disabled for VTP, does not transmit advertisements or learn from advertisements sent by other devices, and cannot affect VLAN configurations on other devices in the network. The switch receives VTP advertisements and forwards them on all trunk ports except the one on which the advertisement was received. The configuration of multi-VLAN ports causes the switch to automatically enter transparent mode.


Command Description:

Use the vtp VLAN database command to configure the VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) mode. Use the no form of this command to return to the default setting.

The no vtp client and no vtp transparent forms of the command return the switch to VTP server mode.

The vtp server command is the same as no vtp client or no vtp transparent except that it does not return an error if the switch is not in client or transparent mode.


The following example shows how to place the switch in VTP transparent mode:

Switch(vlan)#vtp transparent


You can verify the previous commands by entering the show vtp status command in privileged EXEC mode.

The Catalyst 2950 switches support up to 64 VLANs.

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