vmps server




vmps server ipaddress [primary]

no vmps server [ipaddress]


Syntax Description:

ipaddress IP address or host name of the primary or secondary VMPS servers. If you specify a host name, the Domain Name System (DNS) server must be configured.
primary (Optional) Determines whether primary or secondary VMPS servers are being configured.


Command Description:

Use the vmps server global configuration command to configure the primary VLAN Membership Policy Server (VMPS) and up to three secondary servers. Use the no form of this command to remove a VMPS server

The first server entered is automatically selected as the primary server whether or not the primary keyword is entered. The first server address can be overridden by using primary in a subsequent command.

If a member switch in a cluster configuration does not have an IP address, the cluster does not use the VMPS server configured for that member switch. Instead, the cluster uses the VMPS server on the command switch, and the command switch proxies the VMPS requests. The VMPS server treats the cluster as a single switch and uses the IP address of the command switch to respond to requests.

When using the no form without specifying the ipaddress, all configured servers are deleted. If you delete all servers when dynamic-access ports are present, the switch cannot forward packets from new sources on these ports because it cannot query the VMPS.


This example shows how to configure the server with IP address as the primary VMPS server. The servers with IP addresses and are configured as secondary servers.

Switch(config)# vmps server primary

Switch(config)# vmps server

Switch(config)# vmps server

This example shows how to delete the server with IP address

Switch(config)#no vmps server



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