timers lsa-group-pacing




timers lsa-group-pacing seconds
no timers lsa-group-pacing


Syntax Description:

seconds Number of seconds in the interval at which LSAs are grouped and refreshed, checksummed, or aged. The range is from 10 to 1800 seconds. The default value is 240 seconds.


Command Description:

To change the interval at which OSPF link-state advertisements (LSAs) are collected into a group and refreshed, checksummed, or aged, use the timers lsa-group-pacing command in router configuration mode. To restore the default value, use the no form of this command.

OSPF LSA group pacing is enabled by default. For typical customers, the default group pacing interval for refreshing, checksumming, and aging is appropriate and you need not configure this feature.

The duration of the LSA group pacing is inversely proportional to the number of LSAs the router is handling. For example, if you have about 10,000 LSAs, decreasing the pacing interval would benefit you. If you have a very small database (40 to 100 LSAs), increasing the pacing interval to 10 to 20 minutes might benefit you slightly.


The following example changes the OSPF pacing between LSA groups to 60 seconds:

Router(config)#router ospf
Router(config-router)#timers lsa-group-pacing 60



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