telnet {host} [port] [keyword]

Syntax Description:



A host name or an IP address


(Optional) A decimal TCP port number; the default is the Telnet router port (decimal 23) on the host


(Optional) One of the keywords listed in the following table


Command Description:

This command will create a connection to a remote system. The keywords for telnet are shown in the following table:

Table: Telnet Command Connection Options

Option Description
/debug Enables Telnet debugging mode.
/encrypt kerberos Enables an encrypted Telnet session. This keyword is available only if you have the Kerberized Telnet subsystem. If you authenticate using Kerberos Credentials, the use of this keyword initiates an encryption negotiation with the remote server. If the encryption negotiation fails, the Telnet connection will be reset. If the encryption negotiation is successful, the Telnet connection will be established, and the Telnet session will continue in encrypted mode (all Telnet traffic for the session will be encrypted).
/line Enables Telnet line mode. In this mode, the Cisco IOS software sends no data to the host until you press Return. You can edit the line using the standard Cisco IOS software command-editing characters. The /line keyword is a local switch; the remote router is not notified of the mode change.
/noecho Disables local echo.
/route path Specifies loose source routing. The path argument is a list of host names or IP addresses that specify network nodes and ends with the final destination.
/source-interface Specifies the source interface.
/stream Turns on stream processing, which enables a raw TCP stream with no Telnet control sequences. A stream connection does not process Telnet options and can be appropriate for connections to ports running UUCP and other non-Telnet protocols.
port-number Port number.
bgp Border Gateway Protocol.
chargen Character generator.
cmd rcmd Remote commands.
daytime Daytime.
discard Discard.
domain Domain Name Service.
echo Echo.
exec EXEC.
finger Finger
ftp File Transfer Protocol.
ftp-data FTP data connections (used infrequently).
gopher Gopher.
hostname NIC hostname server.
ident Ident Protocol.
irc Internet Relay Chat
klogin Kerberos login.
kshell Kerberos shell.
login Login (rlogin).
lpd Printer service.
nntp Network News Transport Protocol.
node Connect to a specific LAT node
pop2 Post Office Protocol v2.
pop3 Post Office Protocol v3.
port Destination LAT port name.
smtp Simple Mail Transport Protocol.
sunrpc Sun Remote Procedure Call.
syslog Syslog.
tacacs Specify TACACS security.
talk Talk.
telnet Telnet.
time Time.
uucp Unix-to-Unix Copy Program.
whois Nickname.
www World Wide Web (HTTP).


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