tacacs-server key




tacacs-server key key

no tacacs-server key [key]

Syntax Description:


Key used to set authentication and encryption. This key must match the key used on the TACACS+ daemon.

Command Description:

To set the authentication encryption key used for all TACACS+ communications between the access server and the TACACS+ daemon, use the tacacs-server key global configuration command. Use the no form of this command to disable the key.

Usage Guidelines

After enabling AAA with the aaa new-model command, the authentication and encryption key must be set using the tacacs-server key command.

The key entered must match the key used on the TACACS+ daemon. All leading spaces are ignored; spaces within and at the end of the key are not. If spaces are used in the key, do not enclose the key in quotation marks unless the quotation marks themselves are part of the key.


The following example sets the authentication and encryption key to "dare to go":

Router(config)#tacacs-server key dare to go


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