t1 clock source




t1 channel clock source {internal | line}


Syntax Description:

channel Number between 1 and 28 that indicates the T1 channel.
internal Specifies that the internal clock source is used. This is the default.
line Specifies that the network clock source is used.


Command Description:

To specify where the clock source is obtained for use by each T1 channel on the Channelized T3 Interface Processor (CT3IP) in Cisco 7500 series routers, use the t1 clock source controller configuration command.

If you do not specify the t1 clock source command, the default clock source of internal is used by all the T1s on the CT3IP.

You can also set the clock source for the CT3IP by using the clock source (CT3IP) controller configuration command.


The following example sets the clock source for T1 6 and T1 8 on the CT3IP to line:

Router(config)#controller t3 9/0/0
Router(config-controller)#t1 6 clock source line
Router(config-controller)#t1 8 clock source line



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