switchport voice vlan




switchport voice vlan {vlan-id | dot1p | none | untagged}
no switchport voice vlan


Syntax Description:

vlan-id VLAN used for voice traffic. Valid IDs are from 1 to 4094 when the enhanced software image (EI) is installed and 1 to 1001 when the standard software image (SI) is installed. Do not enter leading zeros.
dot1p The telephone uses priority tagging and uses VLAN 0 (the native VLAN). By default, the Cisco IP phone forwards the voice traffic with an 802.1P priority of 5.
none The telephone is not instructed through the CLI about the voice VLAN. The telephone uses the configuration from the telephone key pad.
untagged The telephone does not tag frames and uses VLAN 4095. The default for the telephone is untagged.


Command Description:

Use the switchport voice vlan interface configuration command to configure voice VLAN on the port. Use the no form of this command to return to the default setting.

The switch default is not to automatically configure the telephone (none).

The telephone default is not to tag frames.

You should configure voice VLAN on access ports.

If you enable port security on a voice VLAN port and if there is a PC connected to the IP phone, you should set the maximum allowed secure addresses on the port to more than 1.

You cannot configure static secure MAC addresses in the voice VLAN.

The Port Fast feature is automatically enabled when voice VLAN is configured. When you disable voice VLAN, the Port Fast feature is not automatically disabled.


This example shows how to configure VLAN 2 as the voice VLAN:

Switch(config-if)# switchport voice vlan 2



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