start-chat regexp [ line-number | aux number| console number | tty number | vty number] [dialer-string]

Syntax Description:


regexp Specifies the name of a regular expression or modem script to be executed. If there is more than one script with a name that matches the argument regexp, the first script found will be used.
line-number (Optional) Indicates the line number on which to execute the chat script. If a line number is not specified, the current line number is chosen. If the specified line is busy, the script is not executed and an error message appears. If the dialer-string argument is specified, a line-number must be entered; it is not optional if a dialer string is specified. 
dialer-string (Optional) String of characters (often a telephone number) to be sent to a DCE. If a dialer string is entered, a line-number must also be specified, or the chat script regexp will not start.

Command Description:


To specify that a chat script start on a specified line at any point, use the start-chat privileged EXEC command. Use the no form of this command to stop the chat script. This command provides modem dialing commands for a chat script to be applied immediately to a line. If a line is not specified, the script runs on the current line. If the specified line is already in use, the script is not activated and an error message appears. This command functions only on physical terminal (TTY) lines. It does not function on virtual terminal (VTY) lines.



The following will execute chat script "telebit" on line 8. 

Router#start-chat telebit line 8




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