standby use-bia




standby use-bia [scope interface]
no standby use-bia


Syntax Description:

scope interface (Optional) Specifies that this command is configured just for the subinterface on which it was entered, instead of the major interface.


Command Description:

To configure the Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) to use the burned-in address of the interface as its virtual MAC address, instead of the preassigned MAC address (on Ethernet and FDDI) or the functional address (on Token Ring), use the standby use-bia interface configuration command. To restore the default virtual MAC address, use the no form of this command.

By default, HSRP uses the preassigned MAC address on Ethernet and FDDI, or the functional address on Token Ring.

For an interface with this command configured, multiple standby group can be configured. Hosts on the interface must have a default gateway configured. We recommend that you set the no ip proxy-arp command on the interface. It is desirable to configure the standby use-bia command on a Token Ring interface if there are devices that reject ARP replies with source hardware addresses set to a functional address.

When HSRP runs on a multiple-ring, source-routed bridging environment and the HRSP routers reside on different rings, configuring the standby use-bia command can prevent confusion about the routing information field (RFI).

Without the scope interface keywords, the standby use-bia command applies to all subinterfaces on the major interface. The standby use-bia command may not be configured both with and without the scope interface keywords at the same time.


In the following example, the burned-in address of Token Ring interface 4/0 will be the virtual MAC address mapped to the virtual IP address:

Router(config)#interface token4/0
Router(config-if)#standby use-bia



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