spanning-tree forward-time




spanning-tree [vlan stp-list] forward-time seconds

no spanning-tree [vlan stp-list] forward-time

Syntax Description:

vlan stp-list

(Optional) List of spanning-tree instances. Each spanning-tree instance is associated with a VLAN ID. Valid IDs are from 1 to 1001. Enter each VLAN ID separated by a space. Do not enter leading zeroes. Ranges are not supported.


Forward-delay interval from 4 to 200 seconds.

Command Description:

Use the spanning-tree forward-time global configuration command to set the forwarding-time for the specified spanning-tree instances. The forwarding time determines how long each of the listening and learning states last before the port begins forwarding. Use the no form of this command to return to the default value.

If the variable stp-list is omitted, the command applies to the STP instance associated with VLAN 1.

You can set the forwarding-time on a VLAN that has no ports assigned to it. The setting takes effect when you assign ports to it.


The following example shows how to set the spanning-tree forwarding time to 18 seconds for VLAN 20:

Switch(config)#spanning-tree vlan 20 forward-time 18

You can verify the previous command by entering the show spanning-tree command in privileged EXEC mode.


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