show standby




show standby [type number [group]] [brief]

Syntax Description:

type number

(Optional) Interface type and number for which output is displayed.


(Optional) Group number on the interface for which output is displayed.


(Optional) A single line of output summarizes each standby group.


Command Description:

To display Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) information, use the show standby EXEC command.

If you want to specify a group, you must also specify an interface type and number.


The following is a sample of output from the show standby command:

Router#show standby

FastEthernet0/0 - Group 0
   Local state is Active, priority 100, may preempt
   Hellotime 3 holdtime 10
   Next hello sent in 0:00:00
   Hot standby IP address is configured
   Active router is local
   Standby router is expires in 0:00:07
  Tracking interface states for 2 interfaces, 2 up:
    Up    FastEthernet0/0
    Up    Serial0/0

The following is a sample of output from the show standby command with a specific interface and the brief keyword:

Router#show standby fastethernet0 brief

Interface   Grp Prio P State    Active addr     Standby addr    Group addr
Et0         0   100    Standby   local 


The table below describes the fields in the display.

Table: show standby Field Descriptions

Field Description

Ethernet0 - Group 0

Interface type and number and Hot Standby group number for the interface

Local state is ...

State of local router; can be one of the following:


  • Active�Current Hot Standby router
  • Standby�Router next in line to be the Hot Standby router



Priority value of the router based on the standby priority, standby preempt command

may preempt (indicated by P in the brief output)

Indicates that the router will attempt to assume control as the active router if its priority is greater than the current active router


Time between hello packets (in seconds), based on the standby timers command


Time (in seconds) before other routers declare the active or standby router to be down, based on the standby timers command

Next hello sent in ...

Time in which the Cisco IOS software will send the next hello packet (in hours:minutes:seconds).

Hot Standby IP address is ... configured

IP address of the current Hot Standby router. The word "configured" indicates that this address is known through the standby ip command. Otherwise, the address was learned dynamically through HSRP hello packets from other routers that do have the HSRP IP address configured.

Active router is ...

Value can be "local" or an IP address. Address of the current active Hot Standby router

Standby router is ...

Value can be "local" or an IP address. Address of the "standby" router (the router that is next in line to be the Hot Standby router)

expires in

Time (in hours:minutes:seconds) in which the standby router will no longer be the standby router if the local router receives no hello packets from it.

Tracking interface states for ...

List of interfaces that are being tracked and their corresponding states. Based on the standby track command.



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