show stacks




show stacks


Syntax Description:

This command has no arguments or keywords.


Command Description:

To monitor the stack usage of processes and interrupt routines, use the show stacks EXEC command.

The display from this command includes the reason for the last system reboot. If the system was reloaded because of a system failure, a saved system stack trace is displayed. This information is of use only to your technical support representative in analyzing crashes in the field. It is included here in case you need to read the displayed statistics to an engineer over the phone.


The following is sample output from the show stacks command following a system failure:

Router# show stacks
Minimum process stacks:
Free/Size  Name
652/1000  Router Init
726/1000  Init
744/1000  BGP Open
686/1200  Virtual Exec
Interrupt level stacks:
Level Called Free/Size  Name
  1 0 1000/1000  env-flash
  3 738  900/1000  Multiport Communications Interfaces
  5 178  970/1000  Console UART
System was restarted by bus error at PC 0xAD1F4, address 0xD0D0D1A
GS Software (GS3), Version 9.1(0.16), BETA TEST SOFTWARE
Compiled Tue 11-Aug-92 13:27 by jthomas
Stack trace from system failure:
FP: 0x29C158, RA: 0xACFD4
FP: 0x29C184, RA: 0xAD20C
FP: 0x29C1B0, RA: 0xACFD4
FP: 0x29C1DC, RA: 0xAD304
FP: 0x29C1F8, RA: 0xAF774
FP: 0x29C214, RA: 0xAF83E
FP: 0x29C228, RA: 0x3E0CA
FP: 0x29C244, RA: 0x3BD3C



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