show monitor




show monitor [session {session_number | all | local | range | remote}] [ | {begin | exclude | include} expression]


Syntax Description:

session session_number (Optional) Specify the session number identified with this SPAN or RSPAN session.
all Specify all sessions.
local Specify local sessions.
range Specify a range of sessions.
remote Specify remote sessions.
begin (Optional) Display begins with the line that matches the expression.
exclude (Optional) Display excludes lines that match the expression.
include (Optional) Display includes lines that match the specified expression.
expression Expression in the output to use as a reference point.


Command Description:

Use the show monitor user EXEC command to display Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) and Remote SPAN (RSPAN) session information.

Expressions are case sensitive. For example, if you enter | exclude output, the lines that contain output are not displayed, but the lines that contain Output are displayed.


This is an example of output for the show monitor privileged EXEC command for RSPAN source session 1:

Switch# show monitor session 1
Session 1
Type: Remote Source Session
Source Ports:
RX Only: Fa0/3
TX Only: None
Both: None
Source VLANs:
RX Only: None
TX Only: None
Both: None
Source RSPAN VLAN: None
Destination Ports: None
Encapsulation: Native
Reflector Port: Fa0/4
Filter VLANs: None
Dest RSPAN VLAN: 901



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