show ip slb sticky




show ip slb sticky [client ip-address]


Syntax Description:

client (Optional) Displays only those sticky database entries associated with a particular client IP address.
ip-address (Optional) IP address of the client.


Command Description:

To display the entries in the IOS SLB sticky database, use the show ip slb sticky privileged EXEC command.

If no options are specified, the command displays information about all virtual servers.


The following example shows the entries in the IOS SLB sticky database:

router#show ip slb sticky 
client group real conns ftp-cntrl
-------------------------------------------------------------- 4097 1 0

show ip slb sticky Field Descriptions

Field Description
client Client IP address that is bound to this sticky assignment.
group Group ID for this sticky assignment.
real Real server used by all clients connecting with the client IP address detailed on this line.
conns Number of connections currently sharing this sticky assignment.
ftp-cntrl Number of FTP control connections currently using this sticky assignment.



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