show ip rip database




show ip rip database [ip-address {mask}]

Syntax Description:


(Optional) Address about which routing information should be displayed.


Argument for the subnet mask. The subnet mask must also be specified if the IP address argument is entered.

Command Description:

To display summary address entries in the Routing Information Protocol (RIP) routing database entries if relevant are routes being summarized based upon a summary address, use the show ip rip database command in EXEC mode.


Summary address entries will appear in the database only if relevant child routes are being summarized. When the last child route for a summary address becomes invalid, the summary address is also removed from the routing table.

The RIP private database is populated only if triggered extensions to RIP are enabled with the ip rip triggered command.


The following output shows a summary address entry for route, with three child routes active:

Router#show ip rip database auto-summary directly connected, Ethernet2 auto-summary int-summary directly connected, Ethernet3 directly connected, Ethernet4 directly connected, Ethernet5

The following is sample output from the show ip rip database command with a prefix and mask:

Router#show ip rip database

[1] via, 00:00:25, Serial0

[2] via, 00:00:14, Serial1

Table 3 describes the fields in the displays.


Table 3   show ip rip database Field Descriptions


Description auto-summary

Summary address entry. directly connected, Ethernet0

Directly connected entry for Ethernet 0.

[1] via, 00:00:17, Serial0

[2] via, 00:00:25, Serial1

The destination is learned via RIP. There are two sources advertising it. One is via Serial interface0, and it was updated 17 seconds ago. The other source is via Serial interface 1, and it was updated 25 seconds ago.



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