show ip extcommunity-list




show ip extcommunity-list [community-list-number]


Syntax Description:

community-list-number (Optional) Community list number in the range from 1 to 199. A standard extended list is from 1 to 99. An expanded extended list is from 100 to 199.


Command Description:

To display routes that are permitted by an extended community list, use the show ip extcommunity-list command in EXEC mode.

If a specific extended community list number is not specified when the show ip extcommunity-list command is entered, all locally configured extended community lists will be displayed by default.


The following is sample output from the show ip extcommunity-list command in EXEC mode:

Router#show ip extcommunity-list
Extended community standard list 1
permit RT:901:10
permit SoO:802:20
deny RT:703:30 SoO:604:40
Extended community standard list 99
permit RT:604:40 SoO:505:50
deny RT:406:60 SoO:307:70



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