show glbp




show glbp [ interface-type interface-number] [ group] [ state] [ brief]

Syntax Description:

interface-type interface-number

(Optional) Interface type and number for which output is displayed.


(Optional) GLBP group number in the range from 0 to 1023.


(Optional) State of the GLBP router, one of the following: active, disabled, init, listen, speak, or standby.


(Optional) Summarizes each virtual gateway or virtual forwarder with a single line of output.


Command Description:

To display Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP) information, use the show glbpcommand in privileged EXEC mode.


The following is sample output from the show glbpcommand:

Router# show glbp

FastEthernet0/0 - Group 10

State is Active

2 state changes, last state change 23:50:33

Virtual IP address is

Hello time 5 sec, hold time 18 sec

Next hello sent in 4.300 secs

Redirect time 600 sec, forwarder time-out 7200 sec

Authentication text "stringabc"

Preemption enabled, min delay 60 sec

Active is local

Standby is unknown

Priority 254 (configured)

Weighting 105 (configured 110), thresholds: lower 95, upper 105

Track object 2 state Down decrement 5

Load balancing: host-dependent

There is 1 forwarder (1 active)

Forwarder 1

State is Active

1 state change, last state change 23:50:15

MAC address is 0007.b400.0101 (default)

Owner ID is 0005.0050.6c08

Redirection enabled

Preemption enabled, min delay 60 sec

Active is local, weighting 105

The following is sample output from the show glbpcommand with the briefkeyword specified:

Router# show glbp brief

Interface Grp Fwd Pri State Address Active router Standby router

Fa0/0 10 - 254 Active local unknown

Fa0/0 10 1 7 Active 0007.b400.0101 local -



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