show fm label




show fm label label-number [ | {begin | exclude | include} expression]


Syntax Description:

label-number Label number from 0 to 255
begin (Optional) Display begins with the line that matches the expression.
exclude (Optional) Display excludes lines that match the expression.
include (Optional) Display includes lines that match the specified expression.
expression Expression in the output to use as a reference point.


Command Description:

Use the show fm label privileged EXEC command to display feature-manager information for a specified label to list features associated with that label that were not able to fit in the hardware.

Expressions are case sensitive. For example, if you enter | exclude output, the lines that contain output are not displayed, but the lines that contain Output are displayed.

An unloaded indicator in the output means that the feature was not loaded in the hardware. To allocate more system resources to maximize the number of security ACLs that can fit in the hardware, you can use the sdm prefer access global configuration command to set the Switch Database Management feature to the access template.

If the output shows a merge failure, using the sdm prefer access command has no effect.


The following is sample output from the show fm label command when there has been a merge failure on an input access-group:

Switch# show fm label 1

Unloaded due to merge failure or lack of space:
  Merge Fail:input
Input Features:
  Interfaces or VLANs: Vl1
  Vlan Map:(none)
  Access Group:131, 6788 VMRs
  Multicast Boundary:(none), 0 VMRs
Output Features:
  Interfaces or VLANs:
  Bridge Group Member:no
  Vlan Map:(none)
  Access Group:(none), 0 VMRs



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