show fm interface




show fm interface {interface-id} | [ | {begin | exclude | include} expression]


Syntax Description:

interface-id ID of the interface, which can be one of these: physical interface—type and port number. port channel—port-channel port-channel-number (1 to 64). null—null 0. VLAN—vlan vlan-id (1 to 1001). VLAN interfaces are VLANs that have a switch virtual interface (SVI) assigned.
begin (Optional) Display begins with the line that matches the expression.
exclude (Optional) Display excludes lines that match the expression.
include (Optional) Display includes lines that match the specified expression.
expression Expression in the output to use as a reference point.


Command Description:

Use the show fm interface privileged EXEC command to display per-interface feature-manager information. Use it with the show fm label command to determine which features were able to fit into the hardware.

Expressions are case sensitive. For example, if you enter | exclude output, the lines that contain output are not displayed, but the lines that contain Output are displayed.


This example shows how to display detailed feature manager information on a specified interface:

Switch# show fm interface gigabitethernet0/12

Input Label: 0 (default)
Output Label: 0 (default)
Priority: normal



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