show etherchannel




show etherchannel [channel-group-number] {brief | detail | load-balance | port | port-channel | summary} [ | {begin | exclude | include} expression]


Syntax Description:

channel-group-number (Optional) Number of the channel group. Valid numbers range from 1 to 6.
brief Display a summary of EtherChannel information.
detail Display detailed EtherChannel information.
load-balance Display the load-balance or frame-distribution scheme among ports in the port channel.
port Display EtherChannel port information.
port-channel Display port-channel information.
summary Display a one-line summary per channel-group.
begin (Optional) Display begins with the line that matches the expression.
exclude (Optional) Display excludes lines that match the expression.
include (Optional) Display includes lines that match the specified expression.
expression Expression in the output to use as a reference point.


Command Description:

Use the show etherchannel user EXEC command to display EtherChannel information for a channel.

If you do not specify a channel-group, all channel groups appear.

Expressions are case sensitive. For example, if you enter | exclude output, the lines that contain output do not appear, but the lines that contain Output appear.


This is an example of output from the show etherchannel 1 detail command:

Switch> show etherchannel 1 detail
Group state = L2
Ports: 1 Maxports = 8
Port-channels: 1 Max Port-channels = 1
Ports in the group:
Port: Fa0/3
Port state = Down Not-in-Bndl
Channel group = 1 Mode = Automatic-Sl Gcchange = 0
Port-channel = null GC = 0x00000000 Pseudo port-channel = Po1
Port index = 0 Load = 0x00
Flags: S - Device is sending Slow hello. C - Device is in Consistent state.
A - Device is in Auto mode. P - Device learns on physical port.
d - PAgP is down.
Timers: H - Hello timer is running. Q - Quit timer is running.
S - Switching timer is running. I - Interface timer is running.
Local information:
Hello Partner PAgP Learning Group
Port Flags State Timers Interval Count Priority Method Ifindex
Fa0/3 dA U1/S1 1s 0 200 Any 0
Age of the port in the current state: 10d:23h:07m:37s
Port-channels in the group:
Port-channel: Po1
Age of the Port-channel = 03d:02h:22m:43s
Logical slot/port = 1/0 Number of ports = 0
GC = 0x00000000 HotStandBy port = null
Port state = Port-channel Ag-Not-Inuse



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