show dhcp




show dhcp {server | lease [interface async [number]]}


Syntax Description:

server Displays known DHCP servers.
lease Displays DHCP addresses leased from a server.
interface asyncnumber (Optional) Specifies asynchronous interfaces and, optionally, a specific interface number.


Command Description:

To display the current Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) settings on point-to-point interfaces, use the show dhcp command in privileged EXEC mode.

If you omit the optional argument, the show dhcp command displays information about all interfaces.

You can use this command on any point-to-point type of interface (for example, serial, ISDN, and asynchronous) that uses DHCP for temporary IP address allocation.


The following is sample output from the show dhcp server command:

Router# show dhcp server
IP address pooling for Point to Point clients is: DHCP Proxy Client
DHCP Proxy Client Status:
DHCP server: ANY (
Leases: 0
Offers: 0 Requests: 0 Acks: 0 Naks: 0
Declines: 0 Releases: 0 Bad: 0



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