show clock




show clock [detail]


Syntax Description:


(Optional) Indicates the clock source (NTP, VINES, hardware clock, and so on) and the current summer-time setting (if any).


Command Description:


To display the time and date from the system software clock, use the show clock EXEC command.

The software clock keeps an "authoritative" flag that indicates whether the time is authoritative (believed to be accurate). If the software clock has been set by a timing source (for example, via NTP), the flag is set. If the time is not authoritative, it will be used only for display purposes. Until the clock is authoritative and the "authoritative" flag is set, the flag prevents peers from synchronizing to the software clock.

The symbol that precedes the show clock display indicates the following:




Time is not authoritative.


Time is authoritative.


Time is authoritative, but NTP is not synchronized.

Note   In general, NTP synchronization takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.


The following sample output shows that the current clock is authoritative and that the time source is NTP:

Router> show clock detail

15:29:03.158 PST Mon Mar 3 1999

Time source is NTP

The following example shows the current clock is authoritative, but NTP is not yet synchronized:

Router> show clock

.16:42:35.597 UTC Wed Nov 1 1999



           This command does not provide a high level of network security. If you use this command, you should also take additional network security measures.
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