show clns traffic




show clns area-tag traffic


Syntax Description:

area-tag Required for multiarea IS-IS configuration. Optional for conventional IS-IS configuration. It is the meaningful name for a routing process. This name must be unique among all IP or CLNS router processes for a given router. If an area tag is not specified, a null tag is assumed and the process is referenced with a null tag. If an area tag is specified, output is limited to the specified area.


Command Description:

To list the CLNS packets that this router has seen, use the show clns traffic command in EXEC mode.


TThe following is sample output from the show clns traffic command:

Router# show clns traffic
CLNS & ESIS Output: 139885, Input: 90406
CLNS Local: 0, Forward: 0
CLNS Discards:
   Hdr Syntax: 150, Checksum: 0, Lifetime: 0, Output cngstn: 0
  No Route: 0, Dst Unreachable 0, Encaps. Failed: 0
  NLP Unknown: 0, Not an IS: 0
CLNS Options: Packets 19, total 19, bad 0, GQOS 0, cngstn exprncd 0
CLNS Segments: Segmented: 0, Failed: 0
CLNS Broadcasts: sent: 0, rcvd: 0
Echos: Rcvd 0 requests, 69679 replies
  Sent 69701 requests, 0 replies
ESIS(sent/rcvd): ESHs: 0/34, ISHs: 483/1839, RDs: 0/0, QCF: 0/0
ISO IGRP: Querys (sent/rcvd): 0/0 Updates (sent/rcvd): 1279/1402
ISO IGRP: Router Hellos: (sent/rcvd): 1673/1848
ISO IGRP Syntax Errors: 0
IS-IS: Level-1 Hellos (sent/rcvd): 0/0
IS-IS: Level-2 Hellos (sent/rcvd): 0/0
IS-IS: PTP Hellos (sent/rcvd): 0/0
IS-IS: Level-1 LSPs (sent/rcvd): 0/0
IS-IS: Level-2 LSPs (sent/rcvd): 0/0
IS-IS: Level-1 CSNPs (sent/rcvd): 0/0
IS-IS: Level-2 CSNPs (sent/rcvd): 0/0
IS-IS: Level-1 PSNPs (sent/rcvd): 0/0
IS-IS: Level-2 PSNPs (sent/rcvd): 0/0
IS-IS: Level-1 DR Elections: 0
IS-IS: Level-2 DR Elections: 0
IS-IS: Level-1 SPF Calculations: 0
IS-IS: Level-2 SPF Calculations: 0



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