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show clns area-tag neighbor areas

Syntax Description:



Required for multiarea IS-IS configuration. Optional for conventional IS-IS configuration.

Meaningful name for a routing process. This name must be unique among all IP or Connectionless Network Service (CLNS) router processes for a given router. If an area tag is not specified, a null tag is assumed and the process is referenced with a null tag. If an area tag is specified, output is limited to the specified area.


Command Description:

To display information about Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) neighbors and the areas to which they belong, use the show clns neighbor areas command in EXEC mode.


The following example shows output when two Level 1 and one Level 2 IS-IS areas are configured.

Router#show clns neighbor areas
System Id Interface Area Name State Holdtime Type Protocol
0000.0000.0009 Tu529 L2BB Up 26 L1L2 IS-IS
0000.0000.0053 Et1 A3253-01 Up 21 L1 IS-IS
0000.0000.0003 Et1 A3253-01 Up 28 L1 IS-IS
0000.0000.0002 Et2 A3253-02 Up 22 L1 IS-IS
0000.0000.0053 Et2 A3253-02 Up 23 L1 IS-IS

Table 39 describes the significant fields shown in the display.


Table 39   show clns neighbor areas Field Descriptions

Field Descriptions

System Id

Identification value of the system.


Interface on which the router was discovered.

Area Name

Name of the area in which the system is configured.


Adjacency state. Up and Init are the states. See the show clns neighbors description.


System is waiting for an IS-IS hello message.


Believes the system is reachable.


Number of seconds before this adjacency entry times out.


L1, L2, and L1L2 type adjacencies.


End-system adjacency either discovered by the ES-IS protocol or statically configured.


Router adjacency either discovered by the ES-IS protocol or statically configured.


Router adjacency for Level 1 routing only.


Router adjacency for Level 1 and Level 2 routing.


Router adjacency for Level 2 only.


Protocol through which the adjacency was learned. Valid protocol sources are ES-IS, IS-IS, International Standards Organization Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (ISO IGRP), static, and DECnet.


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