show clns is-neighbors




show clns area-tag is-neighbors [type number] [detail]


Syntax Description:

area-tag Required for multiarea IS-IS configuration. Optional for conventional IS-IS configuration. It is the meaningful name for a routing process. This name must be unique among all IP or CLNS router processes for a given router. If an area tag is not specified, a null tag is assumed and the process is referenced with a null tag. If an area tag is specified, output is limited to the specified area.
type (Optional) Interface type.
number (Optional) Interface number.
detail (Optional) When specified, the areas associated with the intermediate systems are displayed. Otherwise, a summary display is provided.


Command Description:

To display Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) related information for IS-IS router adjacencies, use the show clns is-neighbors command in EXEC mode. Neighbor entries are sorted according to the area in which they are located.


The following is sample output from the show clns is-neighbors command:

Router# show clns is-neighbors
System Id       Interface   State  Type  Priority  Circuit Id         Format
0000.0C00.0C35  Ethernet1   Up     L1    64        0000.0C00.62E6.03  Phase V
0800.2B16.24EA  Ethernet0   Up     L1L2  64/64     0800.2B16.24EA.01  Phase V
0000.0C00.3E51  Serial1     Up     L2    0         04                 Phase V
0000.0C00.62E6  Ethernet1   Up     L1    64        0000.0C00.62E6.03  Phase V



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