show clns es-neighbors





show clns area-tages-neighbors [type number] [detail]

Syntax Description:



Required for multiarea IS-IS configuration. Optional for conventional IS-IS configuration.

Meaningful name for a routing process. This name must be unique among all IP or Connectionless Network Service (CLNS) router processes for a given router. If an area tag is not specified, a null tag is assumed and the process is referenced with a null tag. If an area tag is specified, output is limited to the specified area.


(Optional) Interface type.


(Optional) Interface number.


(Optional) When specified, the areas associated with the end systems are displayed. Otherwise, a summary display is provided.



Command Description:

To list the ES neighbors that this router knows about, use the show clns es-neighbors command in EXEC mode.


The following is sample output from the show clns es-neighbors command when Ethernet interface 0 is specified:

Router#show clns es-neighbors
System Id       Interface   State  Type  Format
0800.2B14.060E  Ethernet0   Up     ES    Phase V
0800.2B14.0528  Ethernet0   Up     ES    Phase V

Table 36 describes the significant fields shown in the display.


Table 36   show clns es-neighbors Field Descriptions

Field Descriptions
System Id Identification value of the system.
Interface Interface on which the router was discovered.
State Adjacency state. Up and Init are the states. See the show clns neighbors description.
Type Type of neighbor. Only valid value for the show clns es-neighbors EXEC command is ES.
Format Indicates if the neighbor is either a Phase V (OSI) adjacency or Phase IV (DECnet) adjacency.


The following is sample output from the show clns es-neighbors detail command:

router# show clns es-neighbors detail
System Id       Interface  State  Type  Format
0800.2B14.060E  Ethernet0  Up      ES   Phase V
Area Address(es): 49.0040
0800.2B14.0528 Ethernet0  Up      ES    Phase V
Area Address(es): 49.0040

Notice that the information displayed in show clns es-neighbors detail output includes everything shown in show clns es-neighbors output, but it also includes the area addresses associated with the ES neighbors.



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