show cgmp statistics




show cgmp statistics [vlan_id]

Syntax Description:


(Optional) Variable that specifies the VLAN number for which to display CGMP statistics.


Command Description:

Use the show cgmp statistics command to display CGMP statistics.


This example shows how to display CGMP statistics for VLAN 1:

Console> show cgmp statistics 1

CGMP enabled

CGMP statistics for vlan 1:
valid rx pkts received           211915
invalid rx pkts received         0
valid cgmp joins received        211729
valid cgmp leaves received       186
valid igmp leaves received       0
valid igmp queries received      3122
igmp gs queries transmitted      0
igmp leaves transmitted          0
failures to add GDA to EARL      0
topology notifications received  80
number of CGMP packets dropped   2032227


The following table describes the fields in the show cgmp statistics output:

Table: show cgmp statistics Command Output Fields

Field Description

Valid rx pkts received

Number of valid CGMP packets received

Invalid rx pkts received

Number of invalid CGMP packets received

valid cgmp joins received

Number of CGMP group-specific queries received

valid cgmp leaves received

Number of CGMP leaves received

valid igmp leaves received

Number of IGMP leaves received

valid igmp queries received

Number of IGMP reports received

igmp gs queries transmitted

Number of IGMP group specific-equivalent queries transmitted by the switch

igmp leaves transmitted

Number of IGMP leaves transmitted by the switch

failures to add GDA to EARL

Number of times that the switch failed to add a multicast entry (GDA) to the EARL table

topology notifications received

Number of topology change notifications received by the switch

number of CGMP packets dropped

Number of IGMP packets dropped by the switch



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