set weight




set weight number
no set weight number


Syntax Description:

number Weight value. It can be an integer from 0 to 65535.


Command Description:

To specify the BGP weight for the routing table, use the set weight command in route-map configuration mode. To delete an entry, use the no form of this command.

The implemented weight is based on the first matched autonomous system path. Weights indicated when an autonomous system path is matched override the weights assigned by global neighbor commands. In other words, the weights assigned with the set weight route-map configuration command override the weights assigned using the neighbor weight command.


The following example sets the BGP weight for the routes matching the autonomous system path access list to 200:

Router(config)# route-map set-weight
Router(config-route-map)# match as-path 10
Router(config-route-map)# set weight 200



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