set tacacs key


Switch> (enable)


set tacacs key key

Syntax Description:


Variable that specifies printable ASCII characters used for authentication and encryption. Key length must be less than 100 characters.

Command Description:

Use the set tacacs key command to set the key for TACACS+ authentication and encryption.

The key must be the same as the key used on the TACACS+ server. All leading spaces are ignored. Spaces within the key and at the end of the key are included. Double quotation marks are not required, even if there are spaces between words in the key, unless the quotation marks themselves are part of the key. The key can consist of any printable ASCII characters except the tab character.



This example shows how to set the authentication and encryption key:

Console> (enable) set tacacs key Who Goes There

The tacacs key has been set to Who Goes There.
Console> (enable) 



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