set spantree enable


Switch> (enable)


set spantree enable vlans

set spantree enable all

set spantree enable mistp-instance instance

set spantree enable mistp-instance all

Syntax Description:


Variable that specifies the number of the VLAN; valid values are from 1 to 1005 and from 1025 to 4094.


Keyword that specifies all VLANs.

mistp-instance instance

Keyword and variable that specify the instance number; valid values are from 1 to 16.

mistp-instance all

Keywords that enable all instances.


Command Description:

Use the set spantree enable command set to enable the spanning tree algorithm for all VLANs, a specific VLAN, a specific instance, or all instances.


This example shows how to activate spanning tree for VLAN 1:

Console> (enable) set spantree enable 1

VLAN 1 bridge spanning tree enabled.
Console> (enable)

This example shows how to activate spanning tree for an instance:

Console> (enable) set spantree enable mistp-instance 1

-STP instance 1 enabled.
Console> (enable) 



This command is not supported by the NAM.

MISTP and VTP pruning cannot be enabled at the same time.

If you do not specify a VLAN number or an instance number, 1 is assumed.

This command is not available in MST mode.

Related Commands:

set spantree disable
show spantree

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