set spantree backbonefast


Switch> (enable)


set spantree backbonefast {enable | disable}

Syntax Description:


Keyword that enables Backbone Fast Convergence.


Keyword that disables Backbone Fast Convergence.


Command Description:

Use the set spantree backbonefast command to enable or disable the spanning tree Backbone Fast Convergence feature.


This example shows how to enable Backbone Fast Convergence:

Console> (enable) set spantree backbonefast enable

Backbonefast enabled for all VLANs.
Console> (enable) 



This command is not supported by the NAM.

This command is not available in MISTP mode.

This command is not available in MST mode.

For BackboneFast Convergence to work, you must enable it on all switches in the network.

When you try to enable BackboneFast and the switch is in MISTP or MISTP-PVST+ mode, this message is displayed:

Cannot enable backbonefast when the spantree mode is MISTP-PVST+.


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