set dampening




set dampening half-life reuse suppress max-suppress-time
no set dampening


Syntax Description:

half-life Time (in minutes) after which a penalty is decreased. Once the route has been assigned a penalty, the penalty is decreased by half after the half life period (which is 15 minutes by default). The process of reducing the penalty happens every 5 seconds. The range of the half life period is from 1 to 45 minutes. The default is 15 minutes.
reuse Unsuppresses the route if the penalty for a flapping route decreases enough to fall below this value. The process of unsuppressing routes occurs at 10-second increments. The range of the reuse value is from 1 to 20000; the default is 750.
suppress Suppresses a route when its penalty exceeds this limit. The range is from 1 to 20000; the default is 2000.
max-suppress-time Maximum time (in minutes) a route can be suppressed. The range is from 1 to 20000; the default is four times the half-life value. If the half-life value is allowed to default, the maximum suppress time defaults to 60 minutes.


Command Description:

To set the BGP route dampening factors, use the set dampening route map configuration command. To disable this function, use the no form of this command.

Use the route-map global configuration command, and the match and set route-map configuration commands, to define the conditions for redistributing routes from one routing protocol into another. Each route-map command has a list of match and set commands associated with it. The match commands specify the match criteria--the conditions under which redistribution is allowed for the current route-map command. The set commands specify the set actions--the particular redistribution actions to perform if the criteria enforced by the match commands are met. The no route-map command deletes the route map.

When a BGP peer is reset, the route is withdrawn and the flap statistics cleared. In this instance, the withdrawal does not incur a penalty even though route flap dampening is enabled.


The following example sets the half life to 30 minutes, the reuse value to 1500, the suppress value to 10000; and the maximum suppress time to 120 minutes:

Router(config)#route-map tag
Router(config-route-map)#match as path 10
Router(config-route-map)# set dampening 30 1500 10000 120 

Router(config)#router bgp 100
Router(config-route-map)#neighbor route-map tag in



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