queue-list default




queue-list list-number default queue-number

no queue-list list-number default queue-number

Syntax Description:


Number of the queue list. Any number from 1 to 16.


Number of the queue. Any number from 1 to 16. The default number of the queue list is queue number 1.


Command Description:

To assign a priority queue for those packets that do not match any other rule in the queue list, use the queue-list default global configuration command. To restore the default value, use the no form of this command.

When you use multiple rules, remember that the system reads the queue-list commands in order of appearance. When classifying a packet, the system searches the list of rules specified by queue-list commands for a matching protocol or interface type. When a match is found, the system assigns the packet to the appropriate queue. The system searches the list in the order it is specified, and the first matching rule terminates the search.

Queue number 0 is a system queue. It is emptied before any of the other queues are processed. The system enqueues high-priority packets, such as keepalives, to this queue.

Use the show interfaces command to display the current status of the output queues.


In the following example, the default queue for list 10 is set to queue number 2:

Router(config)#queue-list 10 default 2



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