ppp chap hostname




ppp chap hostname hostname

no ppp chap hostname hostname

Syntax Description:

hostname Used to specify an alternate username/hostname that will be used for authentication

Command Description:

Use the ppp chap hostname interface configuration command to create a pool of dialup routers that all appear to be the same host when authenticating with CHAP. The hostname that is sent with chap is normally the host name of the router. This command allows the CHAP username that is sent to be independent of the routers host name. This will useful if you have a situation where any number of routers may be making a connection to a remote router and be authenticated with CHAP. They need to send the same username for several reasons. First you may wish to limit the number of concurrent connections to the remote site from any specific site. Second, DDR will need to know that the location is connected in order to use a current connection rather than attempting to bring up another connection.


The following example will cause the router to send the CHAP username BHM instead of the routers name of BHM6.
BHM6(config-if)#ppp chap hostname BHM



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