ntp source




ntp source type number
no ntp source


Syntax Description:

type Type of interface.
number Number of the interface.


Command Description:

To use a particular source address in Network Time Protocol (NTP) packets, use the ntp source global configuration command. To remove the specified source address, use the no form of this command.

Source address is determined by the outgoing interface by default.

Use this command when you want to use a particular source IP address for all NTP packets. The address is taken from the named interface. This command is useful if the address on an interface cannot be used as the destination for reply packets. If the source keyword is present on an ntp server or ntp peer global configuration command, that value overrides the global value set by this command.


The following example configures a router to use the IP address of Ethernet 0 as the source address of all outgoing NTP packets:

Router(config)# ntp source ethernet 0



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