network (DHCP)




network network-number [mask | prefix-length]
no network


Syntax Description:

network-number The IP address of the DHCP address pool.
mask (Optional) The bit combination that renders which portion of the address of the DHCP address pool refers to the network or subnet and which part refers to the host.
prefix-length (Optional) Specifies the number of bits that comprise the address prefix. The prefix is an alternative way of specifying the network mask of the client. The prefix length must be preceded by a forward slash (/).


Command Description:

To configure the subnet number and mask for a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) address pool on a Cisco IOS DHCP Server, use the network DHCP pool configuration command. To remove the subnet number and mask, use the no form of this command.

This command is valid for DHCP subnetwork address pools only. If the mask or prefix length is not specified, the class A, B, or C natural mask is used. The DHCP Server assumes that all host addresses are available. The system administrator can exclude subsets of the address space by using the ip dhcp excluded-address command.

You can not configure manual bindings within the same pool that is configured with the network command.


The following example configures as the subnetwork number and mask of the DHCP pool:

Router(config-dhcp)# network 



Related Commands:

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