metric maximum-hops




metric maximum-hops hops-number
no metric maximum-hops


Syntax Description:

hops-number Maximum hop count (in decimal). The default value is 100 hops; the maximum number of hops that can be specified is 255.


Command Description:

To have the IP routing software advertise as unreachable those routes with a hop count higher than is specified by the command (Interior Gateway Routing Protocol [IGRP] only), use the metric maximum-hops command in router configuration mode. To reset the value to the default, use the no form of this command.

The default is 100 hops.

This command provides a safety mechanism that breaks any potential count-to-infinity problems. It causes the IP routing software to advertise as unreachable routes with a hop count greater than the value assigned to the hops-number argument.


In the following example, a router in autonomous system 71 attached to network wants a maximum hop count of 200, doubling the default. The network administrators configured the router hop count to 200 because they have a complex WAN that can generate a large hop count under normal (nonlooping) operations.

Router(config)#router igrp 71
Router(config-router)#metric maximum-hops 200



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