max-lsp-lifetime (ISIS)




max-lsp-lifetime seconds
no max-lsp-lifetime


Syntax Description:

seconds Lifetime of the LSP in seconds. The range is 1 to 65535 seconds; the default is 1200 seconds (20 minutes).


Command Description:

To set the maximum time that link-state packets (LSPs) can remain in a router's database without being refreshed, use the max-lsp-lifetime command in router configuration mode. To restore the default lifetime, use the no form of this command.

The default is 1200 seconds (20 minutes)

If the lifetime is exceeded before a refresh LSP arrives, the LSP is dropped from the database.

You might need to adjust the maximum LSP lifetime if you change the LSP refresh interval with the lsp-refresh-interval (IP) command. LSPs must be periodically refreshed before their lifetimes expire. The value set for the lsp-refresh-interval command should be less than the value set for the max-lsp-lifetime command; otherwise, LSPs will time out before they are refreshed. If you misconfigure the LSP lifetime to be too low compared to the LSP refresh interval, the software will reduce the LSP refresh interval to prevent the LSPs from timing out.

You might prefer higher values for each command in order to reduce control traffic, at the expense of holding stale LSPs from a crashed or unreachable router in the database longer (thus wasting memory) or increasing the risk of undetected bad LSPs staying active (very rare).


The following example configures an LSP lifetime of 40 minutes:

Router(config)#router isis

Router(config-router)# max-lsp-lifetime 2400



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