max-lsp-lifetime IPX




max-lsp-lifetime [hours] value
no max-lsp-lifetime


Syntax Description:

hours (Optional) If specified, the lifetime of the LSP is set in hours. If not specified, the lifetime is set in seconds.
value Lifetime of LSP, in hours or seconds. It can be a number in the range 1 to 32,767. The default is 7500 seconds.


Command Description:

To set the maximum time that link-state packets (LSPs) can remain in a router's database without being refreshed, use the max-lsp-lifetime command in router configuration mode. To restore the default lifetime, use the no form of this command.

The default is 7500 seconds (2 hour 5 minutes)

The hours keyword enables the router to interpret the maximum lifetime field in hours, allowing the router to keep LSPs for a much longer time. Keeping LSPs longer reduces overhead on slower-speed serial links and keeps ISDN links from becoming active unnecessarily.

You might need to adjust the maximum LSP lifetime if you change the LSP refresh interval with the lsp-refresh-interval (IPX) router configuration command. The maximum LSP lifetime must be greater than the LSP refresh interval.


The following example sets the maximum time that the LSP persists to 11,000 seconds (more than 3 hours):

Router(config-router)# max-lsp-lifetime 11000 

The following example sets the maximum time that the LSP persists to 15 hours:

Router(config-router)# max-lsp-lifetime hours 15 



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