map-class frame-relay




map-class frame-relay map-class-name

no map-class frame-relay map-class-name

Syntax Description:

Name of this map class

Command Description:

To specify a map class to define quality of service (QoS) values for an SVC, use the map-class frame-relay global configuration command.

After you specify the named map class, you can specify the QoS parameters such as incoming and outgoing CIR, committed burst rate, excess burst rate, and the idle timer for the map class.

To specify the protocol-and-address combination to which the QoS parameters are to be applied, associate this map class with the static maps under a map list.


The following example specifies a map class called hawaii and defines three QoS parameters for it. The hawaii map class is associated with a protocol-and-address static map defined under the map-list command.

Router(config)#map-list bermuda source-addr E164 123456 dest-addr E164 654321
Router(config-map-list)#ip class hawaii
Router(config-map-list)#appletalk 1000.2 class hawaii

Router(config)#map-class frame-relay hawaii
Router(config-map-class)#frame-relay cir in 2000000
Router(config-map-class)#frame-relay cir out 56000
Router(config-map-class)#frame-relay be out 9000


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