lsp-refresh-interval (IPX)




lsp-refresh-interval seconds
no lsp-refresh-interval seconds


Syntax Description:

seconds Refresh interval, in seconds. It can be a value in the range 1 to 50,000 seconds. The default is 7200 seconds (2 hours).


Command Description:

To set the link-state packet (LSP) refresh interval, use the lsp-refresh-interval command in router configuration mode. To restore the default refresh interval, use the no form of this command.

The default is 7200 seconds (2 hours).

The refresh interval determines the rate at which Cisco IOS software periodically transmits the route topology information that it originates. This is done in order to keep the information from becoming too old. By default, the refresh interval is 2 hours.

LSPs must be periodically refreshed before their lifetimes expire. The refresh interval must be less than the LSP lifetime specified with the max-lsp-lifetime (IPX) router configuration command. Reducing the refresh interval reduces the amount of time that undetected link state database corruption can persist at the cost of increased link utilization. (This is an extremely unlikely event, however, because there are other safeguards against corruption.) Increasing the interval reduces the link utilization caused by the flooding of refreshed packets (although this utilization is very small).


The following example changes the LSP refresh interval to 10,800 seconds (3 hours):

Router(config-router)# lsp-refresh-interval 10800



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