line [aux | console | tty | vty ] line-number [ending-line-number]

Syntax Description:


(Optional) This represents the auxiliary EIA/TIA-232 DTE port. Must be addressed as relative line 0. The auxiliary port can be used for modem support and asynchronous connections.


(Optional) This represents the console terminal line. The console port is DCE.


(Optional) Standard asynchronous line


(Optional) Virtual terminal for remote console access


The relative number of the terminal line (or the first line in a contiguous group) that you want to configure when the line type is specified. Numbering begins with zero.


(Optional) The relative number of the last line in a contiguous group that you want to configure. If you omit the keyword, then line-number and ending-line-number are absolute rather than relative line numbers.

Command Description:

To identify a specific line for configuration and begin the line configuration command collection mode, use the line global configuration command. Entering the line command with the optional line type (aux , console , tty , or vty ) designates the line number as a relative line number. Relative line numbers always begin numbering at zero and define the type of line. Addressing the second virtual terminal line as line VTY 1, for example, is easier than remembering it as line 143, its absolute line number. Entering the line command without specifying a line type causes the line number to be treated as an absolute line number. 


The following example configures 5 virtual terminal sessions for remote access. 

Router(config)#line vty 0 4

The following example configures line parameters for line 65, which can be of any type: 

Router(config)#line 65


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