isis retransmit-interval




isis retransmit-interval seconds
no isis retransmit-interval


Syntax Description:

seconds Time (in seconds) between retransmission of each LSP. It is an integer that should be greater than the expected round-trip delay between any two routers on the attached network. The default is 5 seconds.


Command Description:

To configure the amount of time between retransmission of each IS-IS link-state packet (LSP) on a point-to-point link, use the isis retransmit-interval command in interface configuration mode. To restore the default value, use the no form of this command.

5 seconds

The setting of the seconds argument should be conservative, or needless retransmission will result.

This command has no effect on LAN (multipoint) interfaces. On point-to-point links, the value can be increased to enhance network stability.

Retransmissions occur only when LSPs are dropped. So setting the seconds argument to a higher value has little effect on reconvergence. The more neighbors routers have, and the more paths over which LSPs can be flooded, the higher this value can be made.

The value should be higher for serial lines.


The following example configures serial interface 0 for retransmission of IS-IS LSP, every 60 seconds for a large serial line:

Router(config)# interface serial 0
Router(config-if)# isis retransmit-interval 60



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