isis lsp-interval




isis lsp-interval milliseconds
no isis lsp-interval


Syntax Description:

milliseconds Time delay between successive LSPs (in milliseconds).


Command Description:

To configure the time delay between successive IS-IS link-state packet (LSP) transmissions, use the isis lsp-interval command in interface configuration mode. To restore the default value, use the no form of this command.

The default time delay is 33 milliseconds.

In topologies with a large number of IS-IS neighbors and interfaces, a router may have difficulty with the CPU load imposed by LSP transmission and reception. This command allows the LSP transmission rate (and by implication the reception rate of other systems) to be reduced.


The following example causes the system to send LSPs every 100 milliseconds (10 packets per second) on serial interface 0:

Router(config)# interface serial 0
Router(config-if)# isis lsp-interval 100



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