ipx split-horizon eigrp




ipx split-horizon eigrp autonomous-system-number

no ipx split-horizon eigrp autonomous-system-number

Syntax Description:


EIGRP autonomous system number. It can be a number from 1 to 65535.

Command Description:

To configure split horizon, use the ipx split-horizon eigrp interface configuration command. To disable split horizon, use the no form of this command.

When split horizon is enabled, EIGRP update and query packets are not sent for destinations that have next hops on this interface. This reduces the number of EIGRP packets on the network.

Split horizon blocks information about routes from being advertised by the Cisco IOS software to any interface from which that information originated. Typically, this behavior optimizes communication among multiple routers, particularly when links are broken. However, with nonbroadcast networks, such as Frame Relay and SMDS, situations can arise for which this behavior is less than ideal. For these situations, you may wish to disable split horizon.


The following example disables split horizon on serial interface 0/0:

Router#interface serial 0/0
Router(config)#no ipx split-horizon eigrp 200 


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