ipx router




ipx router {eigrp autonomous-system-number | nlsp [tag] | rip}

no ipx router {eigrp autonomous-system-number | nlsp [tag] | rip}

Syntax Description:
eigrp  autonomous-system-number 

Enables the EIGRP routing protocol. The argument autonomous-system-number is the EIGRP autonomous system number. It can be a number from 1 to 65535.

nlsp [tag]

Enables the NLSP routing protocol. The optional argument tag names the NLSP process to which you are assigning the NLSP protocol. If the router has only one process, defining a tag is optional. A maximum of three NLSP processes may be configured on the router at the same time. The tag can be any combination of printable characters.


Enables the RIP routing protocol. It is on by default.

Command Description:

To specify the routing protocol to use, use the ipx router global configuration command. To disable a particular routing protocol on the router, use the no form of this command. RIP must be explicitly disabled by issuing the no ipx router rip command if this routing protocol is not to be used. Also, multiple EIGRP processes on a router can be configured. To do so, assign each a different autonomous system number.


Router(config)#ipx router eigrp  4


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