ipx access-list




ipx access-list {standard | extended | sap | summary} name

no ipx access-list {standard | extended | sap | summary} name

Syntax Description:


Specifies a standard IPX access list.


Specifies an extended IPX access list.


Specifies a SAP access list.


Specifies area addresses that summarize routes using NLSP route aggregation filtering.


Name of the access list. Names cannot contain a space or quotation mark, and they must begin with an alphabetic character to prevent ambiguity with numbered access lists.

Command Description:

To define an IPX access list by name, use the ipx access-list global configuration command. To remove a named IPX access list, use the no form of this command.

Use this command to configure a named IPX access list as opposed to a numbered IPX access list. This command will take you into access-list configuration mode, where you must define the denied or permitted access conditions with the deny and permit commands.

Specifying standard, extended, sap, or summary with the ipx access-list command determines the prompt you get when you enter access-list configuration mode.


The following example creates a standard access list named fred. It permits communication with only IPX network number 5678.

Router(config)#ipx access-list standard fred
Router(config-ipx-std-nacl)#permit 5678 any deny any

The following example creates an extended access list named sal that denies all SPX packets:

Router(config)#ipx access-list extended sal
Router(config-ipx-ext-nacl)#deny spx any all any all log
Router(config-ipx-ext-nacl)#permit any

The following example creates a SAP access list named MyServer that allows only MyServer to be sent in SAP advertisements:

Router(config)#ipx access-list sap MyServer
Router(config-ipx-sap-nacl)#permit 1234 4 MyServer

Named access lists will not be recognized by any software release prior to Cisco IOS Release 11.3.

Related Commands:
access-list (IPX extended)
access-list (IPX standard)

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